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Ever wanted to protect your second hand phones & gadgets, but not really sure who to turn to? We have the solution! Introducing Fone Revive Insurance!

Here's all the information you need! Our insurance can cover you for the following;

  • Theft

  • Loss*

  • Damage

  • Liquid Damage

  • Extended Warranty (i.e. After seller warranty expires)

  • Worldwide Trips of up to 90 Days


*Requires additional premium, see below.


"But insurance can be expensive, I'm not sure it's for me..." Not a problem. Our insurance is not only affordable, but pay as you go, meaning there are no contracts or commitments.


"Ok, that sounds good, so what are the prices" We're glad you asked! We have five different monthly prices to offer based on your device's value. These are;

Device Value
Monthly Premium
Policy Excess
£801 - £1500
£401 - £800
£301 - £400
£151 -£300
£0 - £150

​We can also provide loss cover for an additional £1.99 per month.


We're so confident in our insurance, your first month is free!


Please note that we can only offer you insurance if you have purchased a device from us or had a repair done in the last 7 days. We cannot offer any insurance services after that period has expired.


For full details including terms & conditions, please click here.

How can you get this insurance? Simple, pop into your closest store today!

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