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About Us

Founded in 2015, Fone Revive is becoming the leading brand in offering express repairs of smartphones, tablets, computers and smart gadgets.


The concept of Fone Revive came about when we needed a phone repaired. Unable to find any professional companies in our area, he decided to seize the gap in the market and bring about a new era of phone repairing!


It was from here we began our journey to not only create a lasting and recognizable brand, but create a team of experts that can provide top customer service with affordable prices and fast turnaround times.


With this new concept, the first Fone Revive store opened it's doors and was welcomed with open arms. 3 years and 25 stores later, Fone Revive is well on it's way to becoming top repair, buy & sell chain in the UK.

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Fone Revive specialize in the repairing of mobiles phones, tablets, gadgets, games consoles and computers/laptops. We pride ourselves on offering quick turnarounds, (usually a while you wait service) with competitive prices.


Whether you need a new screen, battery or camera, we've got you covered! We can also repair water damaged devices and assist from data recovery and transfer. Not sure what the problem is? No problem, one of our technicians can diagnose the problem for you straight away!

But we don't just repair devices, we also buy, sell and part exchange devices too! With over 100 devices in store, we are sure you have something to suit your needs!

And don't forget to accessorize your phone! It's not just for protection! We carry all the latest accessories including cases, tempered glass, chargers with lots more in stores.

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